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“Almost” normal

Posted by sofia in From David & Sofia

Last Friday we went to the hospital to see if Jacob could start next phase of treatment. He couldn’t because his ANC was not up at 750. It had got a lot better just in two days from 175 to over 500, but not enough to start the treatment. It will most likely start next Thursday. This gave us instead the opportunity to spend a few days together when Jacob is feeling well. He has energy and he is happy. Things are almost normal, except of all the medicines and his NG tube, today we had a “normal” day, we took a trip to IKEA, had meatballs an bought some things. I was wondering what people are thinking when seeing us…and this little boy with a tube in his nose… I’m so thankful for these days we have until Thursday, this is not only a recovery phase for Jacob but for all of us i think, especially me, seeing Simon and Jacob playing and seeing both Simon and Jacob happier. I watch my two beloved boys together, as they are supposed to be. Jacob needs much less help with things, makes me have some time to do other things. I will try to enjoy these days, I’m a bit scared to think about Thursday and the 5 following days going back and forth to the hospital, intense treatment and not knowing how Jacob will feel.

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  • Betsy King says:

    So glad for this respite for you all, and that Jacob is feeling more like himself. Our family is continuing to pray for you and will be remembering you in the week ahead.

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