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a very special day

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yesterday was a very special day.

When I asked Jacob, what the best part of his day was a big smile appeared on his little face,
“it was the Star Wars house, and feeding the fishes and feeding the chickens and getting fresh eggs. but the very best was the pinn ball game downstairs
in the Star Wars house”

thank you Shuko for organizing, and a big hug and lots of love and thanks to the amazing family and collectors of Star Wars items, who opened the doors to their home and
gave us an unforgettable experience. and not only this, Jacob got two signed books from the author and collector Gus Lopez.

here are some pictures from the last two weeks and our Star Wars tour.



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  • Nancy Bock says:

    We really enjoyed meeting Jacob and his wonderful family! (“The Force is strong in this one!”) Half the fun of collecting “Star Wars” toys and memorabilia is sharing it with others who are interested and enthusiastic about it, too. “May the Force be with you . . . always!”

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