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Big numbers today

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One week has passed without hospital appointments, it felt like a long time. This morning we were back again, to check if bone marrow had recovered from the last round and if we could start the next one.
I decided before entering the clinic doors that we would be delayed again as every time I start hoping for big numbers I get disappointed. But this time the numbers were good! In one week we went from Anc 60 to 900, I almost cried, me and Jacob hugged and the first thing he said was, mom now I can go to a restaurant!
So now round 5 has started, we are hoping this will be one of the easier ones. 
Tomorrow Jacob has a chemo procedure under anesthesia and then on Wednesday he can go back to school! We will hopefully get a few weeks of a more “normal” life, as normal as it can get.
After todays clinic appointment we went to Trader Joes, such a normal thing to do felt so special. Jacob has not been able to go anywhere for long. And today we did, I was watching them smiling as they were walking around in the store so exited putting groceries in the small kids carts.

Jacob has been doing great the last weeks, just waiting to recover, playing a lot with Simon and being a good big brother to Lucas. 
Also Jacob has been eating well so we will let him be without the nose tube a little longer. 

I participated in my first race last Saturday, the pineapple classic 5 k
 Thank you team, Jacobs Jedis 1,2 and 3! thank you for participating, friends. we met our personal goals but the real goal is not met until we find a cure so that no child, mother, father or sibling will ever need to go trough this pain.
Thank you for your donation in our battle to destroy cancer.
Donations can be made until dec 2nd, and don’t forget to register matching gifts.

For me and David this last days have been emotionally hard. 

I ask you to pray for
us to stay strong in this battle
for  the Blunck family who just lost their 4 year old daughter 

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