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Jacob update + photos

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Numbers are still low, as expected as we are in recovery. Now we are just waiting so that we can start the next phase and so that Jacob can go back to school for some time.

After the blood transfusion he had this last Saturday he has been even more energic, jumping and playing kinect. Because of his low immune system we could not visit Microsoft to trick or treat or have our traditional halloween dinner with our friends, but at least the boys went trick or treating in our friends neighborhood, even if that meant lots os hand sanitizers and me hoping they would not catch a cold…I want to protect but we can not stop living.
Now we do not have any clinic visits until Monday, as long as Jacob does not get any fevers, pain, nosebleeds or bruises.

I spent last weekend in Portland, it was great to get a break from everything.

Lucas is getting more mobile every day and if I leave him out of my sight I might find him in the strangest places, like in the pantry eating cookies. So now the gates are up, bathroom doors have to be closed and all small toys in a safe place.

Today Jacob was brave and pulled out his nose tube, this coming phase should be a little bit easier and he should be able to eat and drink. Also the nose tube needed to be replaced as it was leaking, so this is a good time to take a break from it. So now our little hero looks almost like a little normal boy, one without hair…



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