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Lund, day 5

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Now I start to loose track of how long we have been here, what day it is, even what month it is, but we are only on day 5.

Jacob was right, we were not supposed to go home yesterday. Last night he spiked a fever of 39.9 and I got really worried. New blood cultures were drawn. Jacob woke up several times during the night wanting me to hold his hand and say a prayer so that he could fall back to sleep again. In the morning he felt better, still no immune system and needing another platelet transfusion but his red blood cells looked ok after the last transfusion.

Today turned out to a great day with lots of visitors, his friends Bella and Estelle came and Simon and Lucas and even his old friend Hjalte came for a quick hello.

In the evening there was a small party on the first floor with some rapper from melodifestivalen visiting and singing, a fun little break for us.

No new bacteria has grown from recent bloodcultures, can’t remember if I already wrote that he does have a virus that they saw on the virus test that was made. We will now stay until Jacob starts making counts again. We want to see his bonemarrow recovering and no more fevers…

Im going to bed now hoping and praying for no fevers and for tomorrows labs to be showing good numbers.


thank you for keeping us in your prayers



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