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Lund, day 6

Posted by sofia in From David & Sofia
Busy morning. Jacob woke up in a good mood, has been playing his iPad now all morning but we will soon take a lunch break and then visit the playroom as we need to make some easter decorations to put up in our room. Except for the swedish easter eggs on the table there is not much easter feeling this year.
We got todays labs and there is very little improvement in numbers, but at least there is something.
The biggest change today is that they now confirmed that it was a good thing to do that arm poke at the same time as the blood draw from his port as when comparing them bacteria did grow from the post one but not the arm. That means there is still bacteria and it is related to the port that makes it easier to determine antibiotics and what needs to be done. And gives me a tiny break to catch my breath and try to not be so worried about his low numbers, always thinking the worst…
Todays plan is to start this new antibiotic (that he has had a reaction to befit) and therefor it needs to be given very slow, will take 3hours and it is given twice a day. Tomorrow they will check some levels and see if it can be given a bit faster. Then we could go for a longer pass down to the town at least.
David is coming with the boys tomorrow and I will then take them home.
Im guessing our easter dinner will be held here so I need to get us some nice food and also some eggs as I have promised the boys a real egg hunt.
thank you for your prayers
and keep praying
for Jacobs body to heal

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