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bacteria still there

Posted by sofia in From David & Sofia

Hi there,
I got a call from Jacobs hospital late this evening.
Last Friday he had his back poke and chemo but I also asked them to draw blood cultures, just in case there would still be any bacteria left.
They now confirmed the bacteria is still growing around his port. After 2 weeks of strong antibiotics and several flushes with hydrochloric-acids the bacteria is there, this only leaves us to one option. To remove Jacobs port.
Unless he has a fever before Monday or Tuesday this will be scheduled for next week. I did nog get much information from the nurse who called but it sounded like they will take it out and wait a few days before putting a new in. She also said the doctors were very surprised to see this…

This will be Jacobs 3rd port.

Disappointing news, but at least we are on top of things.

Jacob has been doing great since coming home from the hospital.
He has been happy to be back in school and yesterday one of his classmates called to ask if he could come over to play, I felt so happy seeing him play and just be normal.

Being thrown between these good and bad moments and feelings make me tired.
But there is nothing else to do than look this evil in the eye and keep going,
like a bulldozer,
Keep standing,
rising when falling
Keep catching the good moments,
everyone of them

Please pray for strength
For healing
And for everything to work out smoothly


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