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Lund, day 11

Posted by sofia in From David & Sofia

I’m very happy my parents and brothers decided to come visit us,
love having the house full of people.
We also had some good friend over from Stockholm on Saturday and a wonderful Easter lunch on Sunday with our Malmö friends.
So happy to celebrate Easter with some of our really good friends and family.

Going back and fort between hospital and home is strange, for everyone of us I think. Strange to every day wave good buy as we have to split up and stay apart.

It has been a bit difficult for both Jacob and Simon when they realize the time is up and Jacob has to leave. Simon has started crying saying he wants Jacob to stay. Jacob gets upset and says he will never come back home.
But I still think it is good to come home, even for a little bit,
because even if you try to live a normal life in the hospital by doing laundry, decorating the room, and emptying a dishwasher it never gets normal.
Now I’m home and David is staying with Jacob. I’m taking Lucas to his first day of daycare tomorrow:)

Jacobs platelet count and hematocrit is slowly getting better, very slow, his ANC has not changed.
David talked to one of Jacobs doctors the other day and they do not want to decrease the iv antibiotic for his blood infection as they worry about not getting rid of it.
In case Jacob gets a fever and positive blood cultures in the next weeks we might need to get the port out.

Please pray for
Jacobs ANC to increase
for his body to heal
For the blood infection to completely be gone


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  • Linda T says:

    lots of love and prayers. <3
    It must be good to put your thoughts into writing like this. I would believe it helps you to process but also good for others to understand what you are going through… so rough. You have my number.

    Love, Linda

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