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Today marks the start of the international childhood cancer month.. and I got the best news: Team Rynkeby called me letting me know I made it into the 2015 biking team!! they only accepted 10% of all applicants and I was one of the lucky ones.. Now starts a crazy year with biking practices, workouts and some serious fundraising.. and next year I will bike from Sweden to France (how crazy isn’t that) in the fight against childhood cancer!!

Being part of something bigger than yourself is a fantastic feeling!! I will need your support, 1. For me to be allowed to participate I need myself to raise 4000$ to buy the racer and equipment etc.. If you want to help me reach this initial goal please go to Jacobs web page www.jacobschaub.com and press the giant red donate button to make a PayPal donation, make sure to write your name and “Rynkeby”. Also if your employer has a matching program make sure to register your donation with them to double the amount. 2. This is the important part, to be able to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer we in the Rynkeby team need to find companies that is willing to sponsor us to reach the larger goal which is to raise millions to the Swedish childhood cancer association (barncancerfonden). Companies will get their logo on the teams racing clothes and lots of visibility during the year we bike and participate in various events. The exact amounts to qualify getting your company logo onto our shirts (and pants) I don’t know yet but reach out to me and we will figure out those details. If you think your employer is interested to know more or if you know of another company that could be interested please let me know and we can get the ball rolling.

Here is a video of last year’s race: http://youtu.be/j1jh10dacrU

and to give you some more motivation here is my little warrior: http://youtu.be/-i2MLPj2Fvc

Together we can do this!

Fight cancer!

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