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Thanks for your support!

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Dear friends, family and close ones!

As you might already know I have joined the biking team Rynkeby where I will bike and raise money to children with cancer. I will train hard and do lots of fundraising, and next year I will bike all the way from Sweden, Malmö to France, Paris.. I need your support to raise the initial funds needed for me to be allowed to join the team. I need myself to raise $4000 to buy the Rynkeby bike and all the equipment, clothes, etc. Please make a donation to my son’s PayPal account on www.jacobschaub.com (the big red button to the right).

Also if your employer or another company you know of is interested in sponsoring the Rynkeby team (100% goes to the Swedish Childhood Cancer association barncancerfonden) there is a possibility to get the company name on our shirts, banners etc with high visibility during the year we race on the roads and participate in all the public fundraising events. I will have more information about the company sponsoring soon but already now please talk to whomever you need to talk to or at least start the thought process and be ready when I reach out to you..

Some of you have already made a donation and for that I say THANK YOU together we will beat this ugly thing called cancer so one day children won’t have to suffer and die and the world will be a better place for all of us.

Stay tuned and remember it’s still September the international childhood cancer awareness month and you have a chance to help.

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