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Tomorrow my training starts

Posted by david in Fundraising Efforts

Dear friends and close ones.. and my family.. and cousins and uncles and aunts..

Tomorrow it’s time to put me to the test + help me raise some money in the fight against childhood cancer. Tomorrow I will start my training .. I haven’t yet got my Rynkeby bike but I got myself an old used racer (for now).. okay here is the deal I will bike 30 kilometers and then I will return home.. or (here comes the fun part.. for you).. for every $15 donation that I’ll receive today and tomorrow I will add an extra half a kilometer to tomorrows ride.. and on top of that my dear mom has promised to match each donation up to a maximum of $300 in total. So be with me in the fight against cancer and donate money, or just watch me suffer as I go the extra half kilometer for every click on that big red donate button (www.jacobschaub.com)..

I’m looking forward to tomorrows ride..


Ps: I will start biking 17:00 (8 am PST) so remember to respond to this post no later than 18:00 (9 am PST) if you want me to go the extra mile.. :)

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