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Jacob Konstantinos Schaub was diagnosed with Leukemia Pre-B Cell ALL on Thursday, February 3, 2011. He was admitted to Seattle Children’s Hospital, and doctors began forming a treatment plan for him. You will find the most updated information about his status and progress on the blog, but these are the events that have happened thus far.

In Jacob’s first tests at Children’s, doctors found Leukemia Pre-B Cell ALL throughout his blood system as well as a large tumor in his stomach and cancer in both kidneys. At that time, his kidneys were down to 32% efficiency and many of his critical body functions were failing.

The next days showed some improvement in his kidney function, and Jacob had several procedures done, one of which was getting his chemo port put in and his doctors started him on a chemo and steroids treatment on day 2 at the hospital. Four days after he was admitted, new tests revealed that his cancer spread to his central nervous system (specifically his brain and spinal cord), which means radiation to his brain will be needed in addition to his chemo treatments, resulting in a longer treatment plan spanning many years in order to cure this deeply embedded cancer. This added the term “CNS Plus” to his diagnosis. Because of the radiation treatments, doctors expect brain development problems in addition to the nausea, hair loss, bone pain, and mood swings that come with chemo.

Through everything, Jacob was in relatively good spirits for the first 4 days. He is responding well to the chemo, and doctors have made positive remarks about his good mood, saying that patients who are physically and mentally strong in the initial phase are more likely to continue being strong throughout the treatment.

Jacob’s mother, Sofia, is due with a baby boy in 3-4 weeks, and they are exploring Cord Blood Banking, in the event that could help Jacob. They will also be testing possible donors (beginning with Jacob’s siblings) to find a bone marrow match for Jacob, as soon as the doctors believe it is time to do so.

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