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Hi everyone,

For tonight’s race please make your contribution before 18:00 (9 am PST) today! Some of you have already made a donation and for that I say a big THANKS.. you’re truly making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about please read yesterday’s post or go to this link: http://jacobschaub.com/2014/09/tomorrow-my-training-starts (Big red donate button on the right side). Remember to notify me so I know how far to bike today.

It’s going to be crazy.


Dear friends and close ones.. and my family.. and cousins and uncles and aunts..

Tomorrow it’s time to put me to the test + help me raise some money in the fight against childhood cancer. Tomorrow I will start my training .. I haven’t yet got my Rynkeby bike but I got myself an old used racer (for now).. okay here is the deal I will bike 30 kilometers and then I will return home.. or (here comes the fun part.. for you).. for every $15 donation that I’ll receive today and tomorrow I will add an extra half a kilometer to tomorrows ride.. and on top of that my dear mom has promised to match each donation up to a maximum of $300 in total. So be with me in the fight against cancer and donate money, or just watch me suffer as I go the extra half kilometer for every click on that big red donate button (www.jacobschaub.com)..

I’m looking forward to tomorrows ride..


Ps: I will start biking 17:00 (8 am PST) so remember to respond to this post no later than 18:00 (9 am PST) if you want me to go the extra mile.. :)

Dear friends, family and close ones!

As you might already know I have joined the biking team Rynkeby where I will bike and raise money to children with cancer. I will train hard and do lots of fundraising, and next year I will bike all the way from Sweden, Malmö to France, Paris.. I need your support to raise the initial funds needed for me to be allowed to join the team. I need myself to raise $4000 to buy the Rynkeby bike and all the equipment, clothes, etc. Please make a donation to my son’s PayPal account on www.jacobschaub.com (the big red button to the right).

Also if your employer or another company you know of is interested in sponsoring the Rynkeby team (100% goes to the Swedish Childhood Cancer association barncancerfonden) there is a possibility to get the company name on our shirts, banners etc with high visibility during the year we race on the roads and participate in all the public fundraising events. I will have more information about the company sponsoring soon but already now please talk to whomever you need to talk to or at least start the thought process and be ready when I reach out to you..

Some of you have already made a donation and for that I say THANK YOU together we will beat this ugly thing called cancer so one day children won’t have to suffer and die and the world will be a better place for all of us.

Stay tuned and remember it’s still September the international childhood cancer awareness month and you have a chance to help.

Today marks the start of the international childhood cancer month.. and I got the best news: Team Rynkeby called me letting me know I made it into the 2015 biking team!! they only accepted 10% of all applicants and I was one of the lucky ones.. Now starts a crazy year with biking practices, workouts and some serious fundraising.. and next year I will bike from Sweden to France (how crazy isn’t that) in the fight against childhood cancer!!

Being part of something bigger than yourself is a fantastic feeling!! I will need your support, 1. For me to be allowed to participate I need myself to raise 4000$ to buy the racer and equipment etc.. If you want to help me reach this initial goal please go to Jacobs web page www.jacobschaub.com and press the giant red donate button to make a PayPal donation, make sure to write your name and “Rynkeby”. Also if your employer has a matching program make sure to register your donation with them to double the amount. 2. This is the important part, to be able to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer we in the Rynkeby team need to find companies that is willing to sponsor us to reach the larger goal which is to raise millions to the Swedish childhood cancer association (barncancerfonden). Companies will get their logo on the teams racing clothes and lots of visibility during the year we bike and participate in various events. The exact amounts to qualify getting your company logo onto our shirts (and pants) I don’t know yet but reach out to me and we will figure out those details. If you think your employer is interested to know more or if you know of another company that could be interested please let me know and we can get the ball rolling.

Here is a video of last year’s race: http://youtu.be/j1jh10dacrU

and to give you some more motivation here is my little warrior: http://youtu.be/-i2MLPj2Fvc

Together we can do this!

Fight cancer!

Today we didn’t get our questions answered about what is causing Jacobs lung to be infected.. Doctors are not sure if it’s Jacobs own immune system attacking himself, or if it’s an inflammation, infection or something else.. They have scheduled another CT-scan this Friday as they need more data before giving Jacob a diagnose.. Sofia and I are very scared and feel we have had enough with the one diagnose of cancer and don’t need one more to add on top of it.. Doctors indicates that problems with the lungs can be serious and slow and hard to treat.. One of the treatments is in direct conflict with Jacobs cancer treatment so we need some positive news soon. We hope to get some preliminary answers this Friday and on Tuesday all Doctors would have met and hopefully can provide a diagnose. Help

För de som inte riktigt hängt med eller förstår varför vi är glada över ett ANC som är 200 gånger lägre än det skall är en liten summering
över den senaste veckan, en vecka som har varit en av de värsta i våra liv.. Jacob har varit ur behandling i en månad, han har haft feber till och från dagligen, infekterad lunga, i risk att ta skada av antibiotika, antibiotika i vårt sista vapen mot cancern när ANC är noll), hans benmärg har
legat still och inte gjort någonting, vi har varit extremt rädda för en relaps (återfall) vilket hade tagit hans 73% chans att överleva till något närmare
50%. Tidigt idag fick Jacob igen feber samt tappat massa blod och måste få transfusion igen.. men den stora nyheten var att hans benmärg inte hade dött av all hård cellgiftsbehandling och faktiskt börjat producera friska vita bloodkroppar av typen ANC (Immunförsvar).. Jacob är mkt sjuk och hans förmåga att själv slåss mot inre svamp i lungor, feber, infektioner, influensor mm är superviktigt för hans överlevnad. Idag e en bra dag (Som jacob skulle ha sagt).. Visst, 19 är lågt.. 200 klassas ju som noll, 500 betyder hemma-karantän, 750 är det minsta för att överhuvudtaget få cellgiftsbehandling, 3000-7000 det normala.. jacob blev sjuk och inlagd för ett bra tag sedan (Har tappat räkningen på dagarna), han och sofia har bott på sjukhuset i över en vecka.. vi vet inte varför han blev sjuk men även med cellgifter avslutade så har han normallt ca 10% av det immunförsvar andra barn har, i bästa fall vilket gör att vi är extremt oroliga och då detta har dragit ut på tiden och vi fasar över cancern finns där inne och nu gror sig stark är vi rädda, mkt rädda. Behandlingen det senaste året har konstant hållt hans ANC nere under 750.. ju mer gift dom kan få i honom utan för svåra bieffekter ju bättre så tyvärr högt immunförsvar är inte något vi kan räkna med.. åtmistånde inte tills hans behandling är klar.. “best case scenario” är 3 års behandling + 5 år check-ups, efter det kan Jacob klassas som ej längre dödssjuk.. Han är dödssjuk!! Han har ej längre rätt
till att teckna livförsäkring (Jag har försökt, det gick inte så bra när man nämde Jacobs diagnos).

Hursomhellst, idag är en bra dag! – fam schaub

ANC 19 .. last night the last thing Sofia reported from the hospital was Jacob again had spiked a fever.. I had nightmares all night, the worst ones you can imagine.. Lucas (In my dream) spiked 43 C (Again in my dream only) and stopped breading and had no pulse (Again only in my dream, not to worry here).. I woke up worried about Jacob and called Sofia just now (Woke her up unfortunately).. She reported that Jacob needed a blood transfusion but also she reported HIS ANC WAS UP 19!!! I know this is ridiculous number when ANC 200 is considered cero immune system and 500 means house arrest and his normal is in the thousands.. ANC 19 means Jacobs bone marrow has woken up and is now in the business in making healthy white blood cells of the type ANC which will slowly enable Jacob to start fight infections and deal better with his current poor condition.. this is the best news I could have asked for.. I’m so happy I started to cry this morning after hanging up the phone with Sofia.. crazy good news in all this misery.. Now we have three sick boys in our family (myself included) and a long way to go but at least there is hope now that Jacob starts to recover!! SUPER HAPPY DAY FOR THE SCHAUB FAMILY!! HURAY!