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Moodiness, nausea and some more bruises… but mostly GOOD NEWS!

Jacob has two new bruises (Blue marks) under his skin size of a small egg, this an addition to existing open wounds he starts to develop in his mouth. Today he started to feel nausea and we’ll try and treat it with small sips of water until we can give him the next round of anti-nausea medicine. He was really moody for the last two days (at least against me) but I did spot a smile once yesterday when his cousin made a joke, that single event filled my heart with joy as I think it goes too long between these happy moments nowadays. He still complains of stomach pains but it seems to be mostly related to when he takes his meds which in a way I can understand. We dressed Jacobs (and my own) hair so it’s now ~10-14mm short in our joint effort of trimming down to zero length by the time Jacob loses his beautiful golden prince curls, in a week or so.

Today my mom’s fiancé flew back and tomorrow my brother and family fly back as well. On Friday Sofia’s friend Annika fly in with family and rumors are they have arranged with LEGO Company to surprise Jacob with a hard to get toy (The LEGO death star).

I emailed and asked the hospital if Jacobs’s bruises, sleepiness and moodiness are expected symptoms and also if he is likely to get back his strength and joy anytime during his long treatment. Apparently the symptom are all pretty normal, but it may indicate his platelet count is getting low. He’s coming in tomorrow to clinic and we can then see what his blood counts are like then, he may need a transfusion in the near future.

On the upside, Jacobs’s spinal fluid now has no detectable leukemia, so that’s good news! Bone marrow shows about 1% residual leukemia, also good news. The doctor contacted me tonight with this wonderful update and I had to sit still for a few moments before I could make myself tell the rest of the family. I even double check previous communicated expectations to ensure I didn’t hear wrong and this in fact are the good news we have been waiting for. In my notes I can read the Doctors wanted to see 0% in spinal and less than 5% in marrow, 1% is better than we could have hoped for so we are all very happy about this.


Sofia gave birth to Lucas Dimitrios Schaub early this morning just before 8am. He weighed 7 pounds, and 9 ounces, and was 20 1/4 inches long. The birth was very quick…I missed it by just 5-10 minutes, but it was uncomplicated, and Lucas is very healthy and as handsome as can be. See for yourself! Scroll down to the bottom to see some breathtaking video of him, and be sure you don’t miss beautiful Sofia and Lucas’ first captured smile in the last photo! Sofia is recovering well, and will most likely go home from the hospital tomorrow. Jacob’s update from today will follow soon.

Just wanted to share the little clips of video I shot at Simon’s birthday party last night. I also took some photos that will be available soon. I love the look on Simon’s face when everyone starts singing! Thanks everyone for making the party so much fun. It was terrific to meet all of you.