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After days staying in the hospital, spiking fevers, growing 
blood cultures, Tylenol, ultrasound and Ct scan
we hopefully soon will know what has been the cause. 
one is if course Jacobs non existing immune system.
But also cultures from the fungal blood draw came back high, that made doctors suspect a fungal infection. After having a ct scan doctors could see there is something in one of his lungs, three small blobs. It can be either a fungal infection or viral, we will know more tomorrow. There are some different treatment options depending on if they want to make sure it is fungal or just treating. It can mean a procedure going in with a needle or “camera” or just checking different blood levels and cultures.

Anyway we are most likely staying another week. 

Pray for Jacob to recover and for ANC to start coming up, for healthy cells


Help! Jacob spiked a fever again and I need a babysitter, ideally super early tomorow morning as I would like to make it to the hospital for the morning round. Anyone that can come to my house early in the morning and take care of Lucas please text me on 45 516 8780 or respond to this.. Its also okay to take Lucas to your own home as long as its fairly child proof (He can rach counter tops and drawers with sharp knifes, etc). Apriciate all the help we can get in this difficult time where our family is split and Jacob being so very sick..  /David (425)516-8780

Help! Jacob had a vomiting attack (first time Jacob vomits without a reason). We are not sure why this is happening now but I am worried and would like to check on him and also support Sofia and cheer Jacob up. If anyone can come to our house tomorrow morning (Or anytime) and either stay with Lucas and Simon here at our home (for simplicity) or take them out or anywhere while I go to the hospital that would be highly appreciated. Lucas can’t be at the hospital because of a quarantine policy currently in affect. /David (425 516 8780)

We are still at the hospital, 
Numbers are still very low, this morning Jacob had another platelet transfusion. Still no ANC.
Tonight he complained about belly pain, when I saw the tears in his eyes I knew it was serious, and then he vomited. 
He stopped after getting anti nausea medicine. And fell asleep.
The doctor just came to take a look on him  and she thought he seemed fine, they will keep a close eye on him during the night. 

I don’t know what is going on but I’m worried. I want us to be back home as a family, just home doing nothing but being together, healthy.

Now Jacob is sleeping. I should too, gather energy for tomorrow. 

Otherwise today was a good day, we played video and iPad games. cards an built more on the death star. Jacob had school with mrs Humphrey’s and he made origami birds with our roommates. 

3days have we been here and I wish we can soon go home

Please pray for Jacob to recover, for the bone marrow to produce healthy cells


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